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JEM Innovation Inc.

Product Development
 Electronic Design
Embedded Software
From 10 KHz to 10 GHz (and we're not afraid of analog circuits either).

We specialize in generalities!  We can help turn your new idea into a real product or redesign your old product to reduce cost, add features etc.  Give us call or fire over an email.  Here's a short list of some of our experiences:

NEW: check out our Productization checklist page; the questions you'll need to ask before starting your project!

Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD):  Bare glass (see the pressure gauge below); character displays (visit our PDK web site) or custom graphics (under wraps for now); been there; done that.  We'd be happy to help you get your project going as well.

Electrical/Electronic Design, Schematic Capture
, Printed Circuit Board LayoutHow about a prototype circuit board by Friday (even if today is Thursday!)?  We can do schematic capture and board layout in less then a day if needed ($$$$$).  Of course, we prefer a more relaxed schedule!  On most projects, we do all system architecture, component selection, schematic design, board layout and prototype debug.  Often for a flat rate.  We can also write your firmware for you or collaborate with your own software engineers.  We've done 2 layers to 16 layers; DC to 10 GHz.

Sensors: We've messed with a wide variety of sensors: pressure, current, voltage, length, angles etc.  We'd be happy to discuss your project.

Keypads: We have membrane switch panels in stock with customizable labels.  Great for prototypes; of course, once your design is ready for production, we can provide fully customized, full color overlays.

ATMEL AVR: We're a certified Atmel consultant and a CodeVision distributor.  While we've written code for a wide variety of processors (some of which don't exist anymore, thank goodness), we've settled on the AVR family for its high speed, flexibility and cost effectiveness.  Now, if you really, really just have to use that insert brand x here, fine, we'll probably do it, however, we will try to talk you into an Atmel.

Mechanical Design:
  It seems that just about every project has some mechanical challenge to go with it!  (In fact, this is one of the main reasons we invented the PDKs.)  We can provide full 3D modeling of your enclosure before you even machine a single part.  While we have some limited in-house machining capabilities, we've worked closing with several first rate (and very competitive) machine shops.  We've also designed custom aluminum extrusions and sheet metal.

Contract Manufacturing: Ok, to be honest we never intended to get into the board/box building side of the business.  However, we found that for low volume products (50-250), we could do it better and faster than the big assembly houses.  We run a part-time production line on an "as needed" basis and would be happy to quote the project.

Project/product/prototype Development Kits:  Call it want you want,  we can easily modify them for your application.  Click below for more details.

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